Wood Polymer Composites (WPC) | Objectives


WPC (wood plastic composites) have been developed in the last 10 years and significantly enlarge the possibilities of design and functionality of wood and plastic materials. They are thermoplastical processable composite materials with different contents of wood, plastic and additives. Extrusion or injection moulding are typical shaping processes of WPC. WPC have a high potential of properties which can be seen in the dynamic of worldwide production and sales rates.  

Up to now only thermoplastics have been used in WPC. No applications with thermosets in WPC are known though melamine and urea resins are used very often in conventional wood composites and thereby give excellent properties. This capability has been picked up by the WPC division in the research field “wood-thermoset-composites” and has been intensively handled there. The research field “wood-thermoplastic-composites” works with conventional WPC. Extraordinarily interesting research topics for innovative applications are conducted. Positive responses of the market indicate the right way of our works.  

The division WPC develops new materials and technologies with a high relevance of realisation. Considerable pilot plants for compounding, extrusion or quality assurance (e. g. weathering tests) can be used by Wood K plus. Market research accompanies the technical development.

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