Carinthian Regional Prize

The project "Let's process" was awarded 3rd place in the Carinthian Regional Prize in the category "Education, Science & Research".


In cooperation with business and political partners “Die Woche” honors projects which strengthen the regions. From over 80 projects in 10 different categories, the best were awarded at a celebration on 11 November 2016. The project "Let's process" of the Comptence Center, respectively the W3C, was on the third place in the ranking in the field of education, science and research. The award acknowledges the Center's commitment to inspire children and young people for research.


The goal of the project “Let's process”, playful and sustainable improvement of processes, was to encourage children to do research and to motivate their curiosity, to design processes efficiently and sustainably.


Through the collaboration of the partners from industry, schools and the university (Impress Decor Austria, Mondi Frantschach GmbH, RD Consulting GmbH COKG, HTL Wolfsberg, NMS St. Stefan, BG / BRG St. Veit, VS St. Veit, BÜM Kindergarten St. Veit, BÜM NMS St. Veit, Institute for Education and School Development), different processes - biological, creative and physical ones - were investigated in more detail; always from the perspective of systematic access. The sub-steps, Define - Analysis - Measure - Improve – Control, were the guideline for project management. During the project, a plan game was developed in which Bee Bots have to reach a defined goal as efficiently as possible.