Vision 2020


We are a leading research institute in the area wood and wood-related renewable resources in Europe. Our core competences are materials research and process technology along the complete value chain – from raw material to finished products. We develop methods and basics and perform applied research on the economy-science interface.


The relevant Austrian companies and scientific bodies have bundled their strengths in the Kompetenzzentrum Holz. Our aim is to establish national and international projects with a research volume of at least 12 million Euros per year by 2020. Our 150 employees are doing research on sustainable solutions for the future, developing the state of the art and establishing new subjects in the industry (agenda setting).  The companies participating in the Center’s programs increased their competitiveness by higher percentages than their competitors. The scientific partners involved are leading scientists in their respective disciplines. 





To turn our vision into reality we act in accordance with the following principles:


Our Partners’ needs, environments, competences and ideas are a driving force for the development and implementation of our research program. National and international cooperation projects are set up to bundle the right expertise and reach critical mass.


The heterogeneity of the industry and the technologies used requires the operation of a number of research areas at several locations. The combination of the strength of about 1,000 man-years within one period of the COMET Program bundled in a coordinated research program and the multidisciplinary team structure provides us with a focus on long-term collaborative work on new and strategic subjects characterized by professionalism and scientific depth.  The management of the research areas and teams is based on cooperation and goal orientation on the basis of internal performance agreements. In the process-oriented organization internal and external networks are used in order to utilize all resources available as efficiently as possible.


Training young scientists and personnel development are central objectives of the Center. Therefore papers are written within the framework of the projects. A cross-university program for doctoral students is a vital instrument for sustainable training and increasing cohesion at the Center. Careers can be pursued both at the Center and with the Center’s partners in industry and science.


Joint planning ensures that the goals of owners and sponsors are taken into account. We provide professional fulfillment and proper use of resources.


Our research results lead to sustainable solutions to society’s development issues, enhancing public appreciation of our natural resources as well as their optimal management and use in high tech applications. As a result the economic condition of rural areas is improved by creating jobs and making regions less dependent on non-renewable resources like oil.