Start of Project: PlasmaComp – „Plasma-polymerized functional bio-based composite coatings“



Start of Project: PlasmaComp – „Plasma-polymerized functional bio-based composite coatings“


Development of bio-based and functional surface coatings reinforced with sustainable additives, which can be polymerized and deposited to paper and natural fibres reinforced products using atmospheric plasma. 




Project summary and objectives:

The PlasmaComp project aims at the development of high performance bio-based composite coatings with sustainable reinforcements able to improve technological, mechanical and antimicrobial properties of cellulosic materials for packaging, consumer and sport goods applications, polymerized and deposited by means of atmospheric plasma techniques. In key industries, there is an increasing demand of coatings for paper and natural fibre-reinforced products with outstanding functionalities, which are traditionally made from synthetic raw materials and applied with inefficient wet coatings with the disadvantage of high raw material consumption and low recyclability. All these aspects require the development of new grades of composite coatings that surpass previous solutions and application techniques. Innovative solutions for this are achieved in the PlasmaComp project through the production of a bio-based and sustainable, highly reinforced composite coating in combination with the material and energy-saving, environmentally friendly and flexible, fast and automatable plasma coating technology. Thanks to the interdisciplinary, transnational consortium of research and industry, it will be possible to deliver new solutions and more competitive products to the market, which have economic and ecological relevance, especially in the field of packaging.



Research program:

Production of the Future

35th Call Transnational Projects 2020 (M-ERA.NET Call 2020)



FFG-No: 885132


Project term​:

April 2021 – March 2024


Lead Partner / Project Coordinator:

Wood K plus - Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH (Research Area Wood & Paper Surface Technologies)


Project partners:

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Mondi Release Liner Austria GmbH

Kästle GmbH


Project manager:

DI Judith Sinic