Research Interests

The research focus is on composites from renewable resources (so called NFC – Natural Fiber Composite) as well as bio-based carbon materials. 


As reinforcements for thermoplastics and thermosets mainly natural fiber and wood are investigated. Numerous innovative products can be made via extrusion, injection molding, compression molding or 3D-FLM printing. Besides the manifold shaping options, these materials are distinguished by their precisely adjustable property profiles. With our unique know how, we can produce hybrid materials, high-tech-ceramics and porous carbon materials based on renewable resources. Also, we are conducting research on the development of bio-based carbon fiber. 



Our Research topics are:

  • Optimisation of the Material Performance by Development of Formulations 

  • Usage of Biopolymers 

  • Usage of Recycling Materials (post production, post consumer) 

  • Usage of various Natural Fiber 

  • Development of Hybrid Materials 

  • Process optimisation 

    • of Compounding 

    • of Profile Extrusion (also Foaming and Co-extrusion) 

    • of Injection Moulding (also Foaming) 

    • for the Production of Filaments for 3D-FLM printing (Fused Layer Modeling) 

    • of 3D-FLM printing with short and continuous fibre reinforced polymers 

  • Complex 3D-Ceramics based on bio-based Raw Materials  
  • Carbon Fiber and Materials based on bio-based Raw Materials 
  • Development of Lignin Fiber on pilot scale melt spinning machine 


All R&D activities are supported by the overall “Analytics and Methods”-Team and assisted by the “market and innovation research”-team (MAIF).


Team Biobased Composites, Applications & Processes

Development of innovative bio-composites and (natural) fiber reinforced (bio-)polymers for polymer processing techniques like injection molding, (co-)extrusion, foaming (injection molding and extrusion), filament production and 3D-FLM printing (short and continuous fiber reinforced polymers). Ecological considerations, characterization and selection of raw materials, the respective compounding and final shaping are core areas as well as the enhancement of simulation and modeling methods for mixing and plastification procedures. 

Team Fibers, Carbon and Ceramics

Development of bio-based fiber and carbon materials such as carbon fiber, activated carbons and carbon molded parts. Core areas are the thermal treatment of the bio-based precursors, the characterisation and modification of the materials and the determination of structure-property relationships. The produced carbon materials are used in composites, filters, electrodes for energy storage, SiC ceramics etc. 


Team Analytics and Methods (A&M)

The A&M team supports and cross-links all areas in terms of analytics and method development.