Research Interests

The team, Market Analysis & Innovation Research (MAIF), conducts research at the interface of technology and economy in order to provide customized information to shape innovation processes and advise our research partners on all issues of the market.


Considering, Wood K Plus conducts research in three different technical research areas, the context of their research is also reflected in the MAIF’s tasks. Further, the activities of the MAIF are also concentrated in market-oriented research in order to assess the market potential of a product or technology. Applying diverse analysis methods allows the identification of potential market barriers and the development of strategies to deal with these barriers.


Our research topics cover:

  • Economic and ecological product and technology assessment
  • Experimental design for market-oriented product development
  • Lead user analysis, conjoint analysis and analytic hierarchy process, eco-efficiency analysis for technological new developments
  • System dynamics sector simulation with FOHOW
  • Econometric models and analyses
  • Technology foresight with scenario analysis, Delphi method, network analysis
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods of empirical social research, e.g. interviews, content analyses or online surveys