Research Interests

The area Wood Materials Technologies focuses on different wood technological processes as well as on the destructive and non-destructive testing of wood and wood products. The expertise comprises especially the microscopic and macroscopic characterization of wood and fiber structures, stability investigations in macro-, micro- and nano-scale, performance of mechanical and physical standard tests, chemical, biotechnological and thermal wood modification, wood quality and chemical characterization as well as technological processes such as wood drying, steaming, bonding/gluing, cutting and non-cutting shaping and designing of wood and natural materials. In addition, interactions between material features and technological processes and methods are investigated.

Our research topics comprise:

  • Analysis and optimization of disintegration processes of wood composites and renewable raw materials
  • Drying technology (reproducing and optimizing industrial drying process)
  • Wood and fiber modification
  • Multifunctional engineered products
  • Analyzing adhesive properties (e.g. tack) as well as interactions between adhesive and wood
  • Adhesive distribution on industrially manufactured wood composites
  • Development of new adhesives
  • Measurement, analytic and evaluation of VOC from wood composites and wood products in differently scaled test chambers
  • Reduction and control of VOC by means of bio-modification
  • Optimization of production processes to reduce product variability
  • Function oriented wood composites by means of „Design Engineering“


Team Mechanical Disintegration

The team Mechanical Disintegration (MEDI) focuses on fundamental investigations of workpiece-, particle- and cutting tool behavior at conventional disintegration technologies as well as on the development of methods for the investigation of varying research questions related to mechanical disintegration.

Team Smart Wood & Natural Materials

Within the scope of various projects, the team Smart Wood & Natural Materials (SWNM) focuses on modification and functionalization of wood and other natural materials. The research topics range from drying optimization over hydrothermal and chemical modification to „high-tech engineered“ and multifunctional wood composites and sandwich structures.

Team Advanced Bonding

Bonding is the basis for all wood composites as adhesion and cohesion distribute in their mechanical stability. The team Advanced Bonding (ADBO) investigates adhesive properties and adhesive distribution. Furthermore, new adhesives, also based on renewable raw materials as well as ideal bonding systems for novel wood composites are developed.

Team Indoor Quality & Emission Control

The team Indoor Quality & Emission Control (IQEC) deals with method-development, comparison, analytics, measurement and evaluation of VOC and formaldehyde from wood composites and wood products with focus on indoor use. Furthermore, possibilities for reduction of undesired emissions from wood raw material used for wood composites and wood products by means of biotechnology are central research questions.

Team Wood Composites & Digital Transformation

The team Wood Composites & Digital Transformation ​(WCDT) focuses on actual topics in the area of wood composite research (e.g. weight reduction by „Design Engineering“) as well as in the statistical analysis and optimization of the manufacturing processes for wood composites. Furthermore, novel process technologies as well as function-oriented material combinations are developed for innovative wood composites.